Boat Repair Shops in Texas Offer Basic Tips for Maintaining Your Jet Ski

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Boating is not the only way to have fun with family and friends on the water. Jet skis are another type of watercraft that can provide a significant amount of fun time with the people you care for most. And parents should take advantage of this time, because jet skiing can be a great way to teach young adults how to keep a motorized vehicle under control with good timing, concentration and common sense.

However, jet ski ownership also means providing proper care so they last for many years. Luckily for you, professional boat repair shops in Texas have offered up some basic tips for maintaining your jet ski.

Read your owner’s manual

This tip may seem like a no-brainer, but the truth is that most owner’s manuals of all kinds get tossed aside, misplaced or thrown away all the time. If you don’t have the original manual for your jet ski, look it up online or order a new one from the manufacture, because this booklet will tell you the best ways to maintain your watercraft. It also walks you through troubleshooting and maintenance procedures for each specific component. So, while we are providing some care tips, it’s important that you also follow your manual’s recommendations.

Dispose of old fuel properly

Whether you are getting ready to store your jet ski away for a long period of time or taking it out on the water for the first time in months, you need to get rid of old fuel in the tank. Of course, it’s a good idea to drain all fluids from your craft prior to long-term storage. If you don’t know how to drain the fuel, hire an expert to do it for you.

You will also want to dispose of old jet ski fuel in the proper way, which can vary from state to state. For the most part, you can seal it in a container and drop it off at a local hazardous waste site, or contact your boat and jet ski repair shop for suggestions. What you should not do is put fuel in the trash or down any home or storm drains, as this will lead to soil and water contamination.

Wipe down the exterior

The reason why it’s necessary to clean the exterior after a ride is because of harmful elements found in the water. Saltwater can cause metal corrosion and stain the windshield, and algae from a lake can turn into mold and mildew. Cleaning it off with a soft, moist cloth after use can prevent such problems.

Don’t forget annual maintenance

While a lot of basic maintenance is done several times throughout the year, there are some once-a-year tasks that need tending to. This includes changing the engine oil and oil filter, flushing and replacing the pump oil, lubricating all moving parts and greasing bearings and seals.

The good news is that a number of boat repair shops in Texas offer jet ski maintenance and repairs as well—including Northwest Fiberglass Inc. Feel free to give us a call anytime!

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