Protect Your Boat from Harsh Winter Elements to Avoid Needing Boat Repair in Texas

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Winter can be a beautiful time of year, but it can also create a hostile environment for your boat. Even though most modern boats are pretty tough, winter can test the limits of your vessel and can cause significant damage if your investment is not protected. Luckily, there are several fairly easy steps you can take to make sure you aren’t left out in the cold when it comes to your boat.

With that in mind, here are some ways you can (and should) protect your boat from the harsh winter elements to prevent the need for boat repair in Texas.

Consider a full-boat wrap

Unexpected snowstorms, heavy rains or strong winds can make short work of a run-of-the-mill or flimsy boat cover. Even though you thought a canvas cover would suffice, the elements have a way of ripping, crushing and removing all but the strongest materials. Full-boat wraps take care of this problem. They might be more expensive, but they are not going anywhere when the winds pick up.

Pick a parking spot with care

Winter is notorious for downing trees and creating unexpected flooding, so be careful about where you choose to store your boat. A wayward tree limb can ruin boating season for you very quickly, as falling branches can easily damage or destroy your vessel. This is all the more reason not to park your boat under old trees or dead branches. And while your boat may be made to be on the water, it won’t stand a chance if left unmanned in floodwaters. Boats that float away during floods often become unguided battering rams, and could cause damage beyond repair in many cases.

Fix damage before freezing temperatures hit

Fiberglass, like most materials that are vulnerable to cracking, is subject to more damage during freezes. If water is introduced to a crack, freezing temperatures can force that space to widen. That’s why it is important to fix any cracks or damage before freezing temperatures arrive. Even temporary patches are better than nothing. The worst thing you can do is to ignore the problem, which is likely to lead to even greater issues that may call for professional boat repair in Texas.

Consider storage

One simple solution to help protect your boat from the elements is storing it in a boat storage facility. Sure, it’s an additional cost, but so is fixing any damage your boat could sustain over the winter months. Many modern storage facilities are indoors and feature climate controls that keep your boat protected from extreme temperature changes. The benefit is that most facilities are insured and designed and built to protect your investment. If something happens to your boat, they are liable for it.

Although you may not use your boat as much during the cold winter months, there is still potential for damage. At Northwest Fiberglass Inc., we specialize in all sorts of services for boat owners looking for quality boat repair in Texas. Don’t hesitate to contact us with repair questions, to get a quote on repairs or to schedule a time to bring your boat to our shop.

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