Maintenance Tips That Can Save You from Costly Fiberglass Boat Repair in Texas

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Boats are a lot like cars; they require quite a bit of attention to look and perform their best. Unfortunately, many people buy their boats only to ignore even the most basic of maintenance routines after just the first season of use. The results of ignoring these simple steps often means expensive repairs that could have been avoided if only the boat owner had paid regular attention to its condition. With this in mind, here are some helpful maintenance tips that are likely to save you from costly fiberglass boat repair in Texas:

  • Cover your boat when not in use: The elements can take a huge toll on fiberglass boats. For example, letting fiberglass sit in the sun for extended periods of time can cause the material to break down, making it weak. If left unchecked for several seasons, the fiberglass can become unsafe to use on the open water. Rain can also have an impact on the integrity of this material, especially when combined with sun exposure. Be sure to cover your boat when it is not in use to protect the body and interior.
  • Wash it regularly: One good rule to follow is to wash your boat before and after every use. Once you pull your boat out of the water, hose off any algae or material that might have collected on the hull. This will keep debris and buildup from solidifying and becoming difficult to remove. Furthermore, washing it before going out on the water can remove pollutants (like oils) that you wouldn’t want to transfer to the water.
  • Polish your boat: Just like the paint on your car, boats need polishing every once in a while to look good. The polish also helps to extend the life of the fiberglass material. Think of it like putting lotion on your hands in extreme weather. While you could go without it, your hands might crack without the extra protection. The same goes for your boat’s paint. A good rule of thumb is to polish boats twice a year.
  • Inspect and repair: If you see a problem with your boat, don’t wait long to fix it. Remember, a boat’s frame handles a lot of pressure during the course of daily use. As such, hitting wakes and more can put a lot of strain on the body of your boat. A small crack can easily turn into a big issue if left unchecked, so you should regularly inspect and repair any problems you see on your boat.
  • Take it to the pros: From time to time, it’s not a bad idea to schedule a complete boat check-up with the pros, and to bring up any concerns you might have. This is even more important for spot repairs—like minor damage to fiberglass exteriors—and when your old fiberglass boat is in poor shape and needs a full restoration.

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