Five Common Mistakes That Lead to Gelcoat Repair in Texas

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Many problems that result in gelcoat repair in Texas start with how the boat is cleaned. The way you clean can compromise your fiberglass, so it is important to complete all the steps and use the right products. These are the common mistakes that often lead to boat owners requiring gelcoat repair from our shop:

  • Not using rinse: The rinse is a pretreatment before washing. It removes surface dust and grime, but it does not clean the surface entirely. This is a necessary step to protecting the surface from more corrosive cleaning solutions, and the mistake occurs because customers believe their fiberglass is pre-rinsed. It will not hurt your boat to give it a double treatment of rinse, so use this product every time. Not only does it add surface protection, but it makes removing the rest of the dirt much easier, too.
  • Not waxing: Wax is considered primarily cosmetic with automobiles, despite its extensive protective qualities. However, it is still an option rather than a requirement for most cars. For boats, meanwhile, wax is essential. It protects fiberglass from UV damage and repels dirt so you do not have to use cleaning mixtures as frequently. Do not skip this step, and most importantly, use a product designed for fiberglass boats.
  • Being in a hurry: Cleaning your boat is time consuming. There are many steps you cannot skip, and you need to cover the entire surface. You need to inspect the boat for damage and wash and rinse it thoroughly. Failing to do so leaves behind debris that can eat into your gelcoat. Also, customers are more likely to skip the rinse and wax if they do not allow enough time to address this task. Choose a weekend where you have less going on so there is no pressure to wash your boat in a hurry. Also know that there is no harm in delegating this task if other items demand your time.
  • Ignoring problems: Minor fiberglass damage can become more serious as you use your boat. Fading, oxidation and chalking are often ignored, with dire consequences in the future. Rather than just wash or wax over these issues, apply a color restorer. If the problem remains even after your efforts, contact a gelcoat repair professional.
  • Forgetting to address the gelcoat entirely: The gelcoat gives your boat a like-new sheen. It is not only glossy and attractive, but also offers significant protection from sun, water and corrosion. Many customers fail to restore it as it wears out, and later, that becomes a problem for us to solve. In addition to using detergents to clean, also include a degreasing routine as that will keep your gelcoat intact. Find non-scratching formulas so your efforts to restore your gelcoat do not actually remove it. Once finished, let the boat dry and apply a layer of wax.

Call Northwest Fiberglass Inc. when you need gelcoat repair in Texas. We look forward to repairing your boat’s finish so you can enjoy many seasons of water sports and fishing!

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