Don’t DIY! Five Reasons to Hire Us for Boat Repair in Texas

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You may notice a scrape, scratch or other blemish on the hull of your fiberglass boat. There could also be something more serious, like a hole or gash. It may be tempting to do your own boat repair in Texas before you take to the waters again, but that could lead to errors that waste time and cost more money to reverse. Before you decide to take the do-it-yourself route, here are five reasons you should hand this task over to a professional:

  • Lack of tools: Repairing and resurfacing your boat requires specialized tools. If you do not already own them, you will likely spend more on the new tools than if you brought your boat to us for repair. Even if you have tools, they may be outdated or not functioning as well as they used to. You can avoid this problem by taking your boat to our shop and stop worrying about whether your collection is adequate for the job.
  • Time demands: It takes time to repair fiberglass and add gel coat. There is the labor involved, followed by drying times. While you attempt to complete this task, other demands may distract you or pressure you to cut corners. Repairing your boat’s surface requires patience, and feeling rushed will not help you do a good job. Also, if this is your first time resurfacing and repairing your boat, you will likely make mistakes, which will lead you to start over with sections and take even more time.
  • Extensive damage: You may be able to fill in the small cracks and dents, but anything more threatening needs to come to our shop. If a gash or hole is not repaired properly, that puts you in danger the next time you enjoy the water. Also, if the damage is bad enough to affect the inner hull, your boat is likely not a good candidate for repair. An experienced boat repair shop can make these assessments so you stay safe and know when to pay for this expense or put your money towards another boat.
  • Experience: Every type of damage imaginable has been presented at our shop. This gives us the expertise to get your boat back in the water again. What may be overwhelming to you is just a job to us. If you bring your boat to us, you know the job will be done well the first time, and you will not have to worry about your vessel’s suitability when you are fishing or water skiing.
  • Facilities: We have space to repair boats and also put them somewhere safe to dry. If you are limited to repairing your boat outside in a non-covered area, this will add pressure if weather reports predict rain the next day. Especially in cases of thorough repairs, you need the space and cover to make sure it is all done correctly.

Northwest Fiberglass Inc. has been offering jet ski and boat repair in Texas for nearly 20 years. Call us today to see how we can improve your boat’s hull.

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